Cellophane Wrapping Machine

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  • Application
    The box cellophane wrap machine is with peel open system, which can connect to box cartoning machine, and auto make the box standing and stacking, improving the wrapping efficiency greatly....
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Cellophane wrapping machine uses IMA technology and BOPP film, which is applied for cellophane overwapping boxes like tea box, perfume box, food box, medicine box, etc. Full automatic can directly connect to production line.

1.Hermetic package realizes water-proof, moisture-proof and infect-proof.
2. Sealed speedy: It is similar to cold wrap no influence on medicine or thermo sensitive products.
3. It achieves loading, stacking, packing, heat sealed, settling and counting automatically.
4. Electrical control system focus on programmable controller PLC system, which is controlled by servo motor. In the cause of film pulling, it is stable, and the error is less than 1mm.
5. The three dimensional wrap machine can works through input parameter on touch screen instead of changing machine parts, which is easy to operate, maintain and repair.
6. Optical detection greatly reduce the chance of sample misplacement.
7. The imported electric parts make cellophane wrapping machine more stable and durable.
8. Change a spot of components, parts to pack different standard (size, height, width) box wrappage, solid product.
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