Wet Wipes Packaging Machine

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Wet wipe packaging machine is professionally developed for wet wipes. With more than 27 years of experience, wet tissue packing machine adopting Japan TOKIVA technology, can pack a wide range of products with high speed.

1. This wet tissue packing machine adopts Japan original technology, most of electrical parts are imported from world famous brand.
2. The machine adopts servo control system that includes servo motor, PLC and digital display, which is easy to operate, with precise control.
3. Timing belt running is stable, reducing noise and malfunction.

1. The wet wipe packaging machine uses world famous electric parts, which features long durability, low failure rate, easy maintenance, and can be used more than 15 years.
2. Adopting box-motion packing style, it has more sealing time and more sealing pressure. Sealer is more reliability and more air tightness.
3. Sliding end sealer structure makes the packaging more compact than the normal machine. Sealer is more suitable and shapely.
4. It is suitable for thick film with high leak proof requirements, especially for wider and higher products.
5. Three servo motor control assures less machine wear and less noise.
6. Data memory digital display reduces changeover time.
7. The machine automatically stop at no feeding material, which reduce film losses and mat3erial waste.

Notes of Wet Tissue Packing Machine
1.When customer choose packing machine, please pay attention to if the machine adopts world famous technology and electric parts.
2. Check the customer reference
3. One wet wipes packaging machine can pack a wide range of products or not.
4. Easy to maintain or not
5. Check after-sales service in place or not

Parameters of Wet Wipe Packaging Machine
Model FFAM-680/180
Max film (mm) 680
Packaging rate(bag/min) 30 to 120
Bag length(mm) 100 to 900
Bag (mm) 10 to 200
Product (mm) 5 to 120
Power voltage(v) 220
Total installed power(kW) 4
Weight(kg) 1200
Dimensions(L×W×H)mm 5700 × 1250 × 1800
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