Infusion Bottle Packing Machine

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Infusion bottle packaging machine body is made of cold rolled steel, and its main electric parts are from world famous brand, with stable running even at high speed, less rejection rate and long time working.

1. With high speed, multiple function and stable running, this infusion bottle packaging machine in our company is in a leading level, which is widely used in high to end customers.
2. Transverse sealing sealer is processing elliptic motion in the direction of up&down and horizontal, at the same time, conducting cut work.
3. The packing machine features high heating efficiency, reliable sealing and compact packaging. The sealing is better and more beautiful.

1. When customer choose packing machine, please pay attention to if the box motion packing machine adopts world famous technology and electric parts.
2. Check the customer reference.

Parameters of Infusion Bottle Packaging Machine
Model FFAM-680/180
Max film (mm) 680
Packaging rate(bag/min) 30 to 120
Bag length(mm) 100 to 900
Bag (mm) 10 to 200
Product (mm) 5 to 120
Power voltage(v) 220
Total installed power(kW) 4
Weight(kg) 1200
Dimensions(L×W×H)mm 5700 × 1250 × 1800
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